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Helix shape in antenna

Question asked by T. Pm on Feb 21, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2016 by T. Pm

Hi! I'm pretty new using Solidworks and I got some doubts about my project.


What I wanna do is quite a simple design of an antenna. The antenna itself is just a copper wire forming three dipoles separated by two helixes.

The thing is that I'm not able to make these helixes correctly. I've done the cylinder and created a plane in the place where I want the helix to be but I'm just able to make an isolated helix, not an helix made with the material, don't know if I'm explaining good.

I guess that it must be an easy thing but, as I say, I got almost no experience. I attach the poor plane I've given and the even poorer thing I've got.


Thanks in advance.