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    Edge weld Help

    Adel Taheri Aval

      Hi everyone

      I want to simulate attahed part and use edge weld connection  (external load is optional) to assume the weld size . The sheet metal plate is fix.

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          J. Mather

          Can you elaborate on your question - perhaps post a url link or image to something similar to what you are attempting.

          My first thought was a static FEA analysis - but you do not have any material assigned, fixtures, loads?


          I suspect that your problem solution might involve Splitting a face.

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              Adel Taheri Aval

              Hi friend

              I attach another part .

              As you know edge weld connector use in sheet metal and weldment profile . I want to predict the weld size (one of the body is solid, not sheet metal  ) .

              When i run the simulation the result is incorrect

              input data.jpg


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                  Siavash Khajehhasani

                  Hi Adel,

                  Your simulation has some basic issues and with those you cannot rely on any of the results including weld results.

                  1) the assumption of shell element is very wrong in this simulation (i.e., ratio of that cylindrical block to its thickness)

                  2) Even if the shell assumption was correct, it is recommended to not to chose the mid surface as the face for defining shell.

                  I hope you find this info helpful.


                  - Siavash