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    Dula Dimension Check Box

    Glenn Douglas
      I have a drawing that my dual dimension display is opposite of whatthe dual dimension check box indicates under options documentproperties.

      If I uncheck "dual dimensions" the duals are visible. IfI check dual dimension and I have no dual dimensions. I have noidea why.....thoughts?
        • Dula Dimension Check Box
          Jonathan Hunter
          SPR# 308211

          Switching dual dimension OFF in document properties turns dual dimensions ON - file specific.

          This SPR is still open, according to the KB.

          My guess is that it's just a SolidWorks quirk. In 2006, I submitted a SPR for a similar problem in that the checkbox for "Override Value" was reversed as well. That's supposed to be fixed in 2008 SP0, but we haven't switched to it yet.