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Can't install anything except API Tools

Question asked by Therese Salas on Feb 19, 2016

I'm trying to re-install Solidworks 2015, since I originally had 2015 SDK installed, but my instructor told me I needed SEK. I uninstalled everything Solidworks on my computer, and followed my institution's instructions to download and install the Student Version of Solidworks 2015-2016. Everything works fine, the product code seems to check out, but when I get to installing the install, things don't quite match up. For one, the Summary says "You are updating 2015 from SP 2.1 to SP 5.0" when I don't even have 2015 installed. Then when I change the Products to install, I can't check anything to install except the API Tools. Do I have the wrong Setup? How do I install the base 2015-2016 application?