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    Ron DeBiaso
      I am looking for a way to model mold-tech finishes on surfaces inSolidworks.
      Does anyone know of a quick way to do this or a plugin or thirdparty product that would help?

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          Charles Culp
          I have only just begun reviewing 2008's realview capabilities, s Idon't know if you can create your own textures.  I knowyou cannot in 2007.

          You can, however, using Photoworks, which is part of SW OfficePremium, and possibly other upgraded versions of Solidworks. With photoworks you can make your own custom textures for allsurfaces. I do not have photoworks, so hopefully someone who doeshave it can tell you whether it can do custom bump-mapping ornot.

          Bump-mapping is where an image file is applied like a texture, butinteracts with the light sources in the model, and does notactually apply color to the surfaces.
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            Is your intention to topologically alter the surface to represent MoldTech textures, or do you want to do what most do and that is to display a MoldTech texture photo-realistically?

            In 2007 PhotoWorks, we introduced MoldTech textures and you can apply the most common 11000 series to your part of face/s.

            In 2008, you do not need PhotoWorks to see these MT textures in your SolidWorks window if you have RealView enabled.