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Macro: copy arbitrary cut list prop to cut list folder name

Question asked by Thomas Rumble on Feb 19, 2016



I'm new to the forums, and also new to writing macros. Hopefully someone can help me with this as I'm sure it's probably a simple API problem.


At the company I work for, weldments have always been done in assembly files, and a majority of the parts were built "bottom up". I like to use top down design, and I'm trying to come up with a new design work flow, using weldments as multibody parts, that will not be a huge transition away from what everyone here is used to (Part data auto populating title block fields, DXF & PDF tasks run from ePDM on .slddrw files containing only one flat pattern, etc.)


I've managed to map cut list variables into ePDM, so the only other thing I need to work out is passing cutlist information into the drawing environment. For now I'd like to stay with paradigm where each body gets its own drawing file, so I don't have to create DXF & PDF tasks that work for drawing files that contain multiple flat patterns (although I'd like to look into this as well). My plan is to either float part number text that's been linked to the view over the title block area, or just display it conveniently in some arbitrary corner. Ideally, I'd like to have a body's cut list information populate its drawing's title block, but I haven't found a way for that to work (any ideas on this?)


I'm aware of the option in the weldments tab of the document properties that renames cut list folders with the cut list description property value, but I'd like this folder name to hold body part number information ($PRP:"SW-File Name"-001 for example), so that any square and rec tubes or other weldment environment features can still have their descriptions populated from their profile library feature sketches. I'd also like this information stored in the cut list folder name so that these body part numbers show up nicely in the "File Name" column under the parent part in the "contains" tab in ePDM.


What I'd like to have my macro do is, while I've preselected an arbitrary group of cut list folders, create a particular cut list property name such as "Part Number (WLD)",in each one of these cut lists if it doesn't already exist, populate these properties with a name of the form "active document name-00x", where x starts at 1 and enumerates through the list, and then copy these values to their respective folders. This way, each body's part numbers go into ePDM in the right area, and I can still have part number and description information for each body in the drawing environment. Again, as I mentioned before, it'd be great to be able to then pass these cut list properties into the title block, but it's not a show stopper.


Any help or advice on these topic would much appreciated