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    Engeneering Change Management (in ePDM?)

    Marvin Stettner

      Hi guys,


      we are looking for a good solution and another ways to define a ECM.

      I would like to know how your Company Management the ECO's and ECR's.

      Which workflow do you suggest me? Can anybody give me a little 'kick' to get new ideas?


      Thanks and greetings,


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          Shaodun Lin

          Hi Marvin:


          Here is the typical steps of ECO process from my ex-company .

          1. Engineer is tasked to perform certain design improvement .
          2. Engineer check out  related files from PDM and create a copy.
          3. Engineer make changes to the copied files. Prepare drawing and BOM.
          4. Engineer  request fabrication house to make prototype based the new design.
          5. Engineer  define test plan.
          6. Engineer received the prototype and put into test machine to execute the test plan.
          7. Engineer collect data from the test and compile the test report.
          8. If the result is positive, review the result with supervisor. If not , got to step 3.
          9. Engineer check out the related files and perform design modification.
          10. If new part number is required, Engineer need to apply new part number from a web base system A
          11. Engineer apply for ECO in a web base system B, in this system, need to fill up lots of information , including parts modified, parts added, top level assemblies affected, reason of change, brief description of test.
          12. Engineer print the ECO report from the web base system B.
          13. Engineer prepare revised BOM in Excel.
          14. Engineer submit the ECO report, test report, revised BOM, revised drawing, revised assembly drawing to be reviewed by  Engineering Change Committee meeting. Manufacturing, QA, Store, Purchasing and Product manager will attend the meeting.
          15. If the above ECO document  are approved. All the documents will be submitted to document department.
          16. Document department will check the drawing see if it meets company standard, and run where use check for all the revised parts, and version up all the affected top level assemblies, and update the BOM and export to Oracle ERP.


          For small company or if the product / machine is not mass-produced, the process could be simplified.

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            Tim Webb

            Hi Marvin,

            Take a look at this thread. I included some ideas on functionality I've implemented successfully over the last decade with EPDM.


            Re: Is Engineering Change part of EPDM now???


            Hope this helps,

            Tim CEPA