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How to mate connectors properly before or after routing

Question asked by Jens Rief on Feb 19, 2016
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I am new to the electrical routing tool, which I am starting to find more and more frustrating. Anyway, here's my questions:



I have made to different connectors with their Cpoints, and now I want to add them both into an assembly, mate them into their correct places, and then route an electric cable between them.

First I tried to pre-make mating types when establishing that the parts were connectors in the routing library manager, but whatever mates I made here, they wouldn't mate the way I want them to.

Then I tried to mate the parts in the assembly after I inserted them from the routing library, but whatever I try it doesn't work unless I make them into two different harness assemblies. And as far as I have seen it's not possible to route between two harness groups for some reason... (or is it?).


To clearify, this is what I want: Insert two different connectors into different places with different mates into an assembly. Then route between them.



I want to use a cable with a thickness of 13.5, is this even possible?


I hope someone can help me.