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solidworks installation

Question asked by Haris Kusumo on Feb 19, 2016
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My client is using Sheetworks which use solidworks as a base of their application.

For some reason the solidworks on this pc try to encrypt files which raise alarm with Trend Micro antivirus which in turn quarantine solidwork executable file since it was flag as unauthorised file encryption which behave like ransomware.


The solidworks that Sheetworks use is solidworks version 2011, I just wondering if anybody has similar issue runnig solidworks with trend micro antivirus or any tips on what to look at incase there is any setting in solidworks that make it behave this way.


I don't have experience with solidworks, I am doing their IT support.

I attach the virus log in case there is clue on solidworks setting or config to look to disable file encryption from the application.


At the moment the solutions is to re-copy sldworks.exe from cd to the solidwork directory and it works fine, but the problem is from some reason it keep trying to encrypt files and trend quarantine it so it become endless intrruption for the user. I have run full antivirus scan and there is no virus on the pc, I just don't want to setup as exception on antivirus and turn out to be ransomware. it seems to be something to do with table.xml, I don't know what is table.xml means to solidwork application.


Other than this file encryption issue the software is running fine, so I think the install is ok, but something to do with the configuration/settings perhaps.


Thank you.



- Haris -