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Cross reference between contactor and relay coil

Question asked by Kiril Kiriakov on Feb 19, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2016 by Kiril Kiriakov

Hello experts,

SWE connect contact and coil with cross reference, so you can trace them on your schematic. So when you put contact and associates them with a relay coil, contact (no, nc and so on) took the name of coil and the cross reference is ready. But what if you have custom components marking like me - I use page number +  component mark + row number. So relay will looks like this 4K5 ( relay in row 5 on page 4). I always should place the coil first, and after that I have to associates the contacts, in that manner the contacts have the name of coil. This is the right way on naming, but what happed if you place the contacts first. If you did it the relay is going to take the name of contacts and I don't find way after that to rename it. I want to ask how then I put contact first and relay after that and make cross reference both symbols, the contact to take the name of the relay and not the opposite. Is that possible or the first you place make the name of others.  Thanks.