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Changin line thickness with layer problem

Question asked by Bojan Simonović on Feb 19, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2016 by Bojan Simonović

In SOLID WORKS 2015 there is layer properties window where we can change and create our own layers with special color, thickness and type. But when I select line and change layer it change only color but dont change thickness.


Now, reason for all this is because special setting called "Component line font". In order to change line thickness to layer line thickness i have to go to "Component line font" turn off "Use document defaults", and set "visible edges" from 0.4 to "default"...


For me this is pain without any logic. In any other software changing layer change all as is predefined without any additional setting requirements.

I tried to go to options - document properties - line font but under visible edges there were no "default" option. There is default in component line font but no at line font. That was my last hope but this 2 settings are obviously different.


Is there a way to set by default that "Component line font" have turned off "Use document defaults" and "visible edges" set initially to default because that is only way for layers to work as layers???