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    Changin line thickness with layer problem

    Bojan Simonović

      In SOLID WORKS 2015 there is layer properties window where we can change and create our own layers with special color, thickness and type. But when I select line and change layer it change only color but dont change thickness.


      Now, reason for all this is because special setting called "Component line font". In order to change line thickness to layer line thickness i have to go to "Component line font" turn off "Use document defaults", and set "visible edges" from 0.4 to "default"...


      For me this is pain without any logic. In any other software changing layer change all as is predefined without any additional setting requirements.

      I tried to go to options - document properties - line font but under visible edges there were no "default" option. There is default in component line font but no at line font. That was my last hope but this 2 settings are obviously different.


      Is there a way to set by default that "Component line font" have turned off "Use document defaults" and "visible edges" set initially to default because that is only way for layers to work as layers???

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          Bojan Simonović

          Anyone have solution for this problem. Can layers change thickness as it is in their predefined thickness or they are just for changing colors???

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            Glenn Schroeder

            I just did some research and I'm getting the same results you reported.  Layer properties will reflect all properties for sketched lines in a Drawing, but the thickness settings don't appear to work for model edges.  I agree with you that they should, so if it's important to you I'd suggest reporting it to your VAR to see if you can get it reported as a bug to be fixed.

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              Marshall Wilson

              I'm not sure I am fully understanding your question Bojan but here goes:


              SW Drawings seem to have 8 "presets" for line thickness.

              In the Document Properties, there are two menus which apply: "Line Thickness" & "Line Font"

              "Line Thickness" is where you can manually set the thickness values for the 8 presets ("Thin", "Normal", etc).

              "Line Font" is where you can set the document default line font assignments : drawing features (Visible Edges, Hidden Edges, etc) each can be assigned a "preset" of your choice.


              Layer line fonts are assigned to presets in the Layers menu.


              To set a component's line display,  RMB on a component, click on "Component Line Font" - you can set the line properties of a part either manually or by using a Layer assignment. If you want to use the layer's thickness & line style - you simply set the "Line Style" & "Line Thickness" to "default"


              You can also manually set Line display properties by selecting lines and using the color,line thickness, line style menus, but I personally keep this to a minimum as it is very tedious.



              I hope this helps.




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                  Bojan Simonović

                  I know all this. But this don't solve my problem. Changing layers don't work as it suppose to.

                  I am talking about next layers:


                  slika leyeri.png

                  This layers don't work as it suppose to. When I change layer of any component, that component change only color but not thickness. This is illogical. Function of changing layers as in any other software is to easy change, with one click, thickness, color and type of line at once.

                  In Solid Works 2015 with settings currently I have, changing layers change ONLY color. As i said this is illogical because there is already individual option to change color, and layers should change all i mention up.


                  "Component line font" You post actually made this problem. Only when, in component line font, I change "visible edges" from "0.4" to "default", lines get its preset layer line thickness. Yes partial solution is to put visible line edge to "default". But i must do this every time i change something. "Default" is lost and "0.4" gets back every time when i work something with selected line. Starting new document also puts "visible edges" to "0.4" instead default. If i don't like layer, i change it again and again "default" is lost and back to "0.4" in "component line font".


                  Basically whatever I do that "visible edges" "default" in "component line font" is switch back to "0.4" and layers stop work as layers and work only as "change color" option.


                  I want when i simple change layer to change all - line thickness, color and type. I want this by default.

                  I don't want every second to do additional settings, to go to "component line font" every time and change "visible edges" to "default".


                  For me logical solutions would be:


                  1.) Somehow to put, by default, that "visible edges" in "component line font" to value "default ("use document defaults" is turned off by default).

                  2.) Or somehow to put "visible edges" to value "default" in options > document properties > line font (in this case "use document defaults" in "component line font" would be turned on by default).


                  For some reason, as i know, both solutions are impossible, and layers still don't work as layers but as simple change color.

                  1.) In first case its impossible to put "visible edges" to value "default" by default. Why? I don't know.

                  2.) And in second case there is no value "default" in options > document properties > line font (although this value exist for cosmetic line)