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Create a hole for a Dodge insert

Question asked by Jim Bourque on Feb 19, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2016 by Steve Calvert


I'm trying to modify the hole wizard and favorites to be able to give me the option of selecting a hole type for all Dodge inserts but I'm having trouble.

As you can see from my pic below, when I select the "0-80 short dodge hole" from favorites, it automatically sets the standard to dodge insert, my hole specification to 0-80 and the correct depth for the end condition. But what it isn't doing is retaining my near side countersink of .129 dia at an 8 degree.

dodge hole.JPG

Does anyone know how I can have this be saved? Is this the best approach to creating a custom hole? The hole is a very simple and I wouldn't think it should be that difficult. thanks - Jim

Dodge Section.JPG