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Create reference plane to show this mitered pipe on drawing properly for cutting?

Question asked by Dave Krum on Feb 18, 2016
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Hello all,

Got a question on making a reference plane that will show the pipe normal to screen in view such as in 4th pic below.  I get pipes frequently with irregular cuts and need to be able to show them on a drawing for sawing and/or handburning.  I always seem to have an issue trying to get the view oriented properly (I can drag the view onto drawing then use rotate for the view, but when I pull some dimensions they never seem to be in the correct plane i.e. horiz. and vertical they are diagonals since I used "rotate view").  I would like to create a plane such as plane1 where it is parallel to temporary axis (you can see it is sloped upward but I only chose the uppermost quadrant point on elliptical cut side).  If I select the point on the opposite side, I get an error.  See 3rd pic.  Thanks in advance for any help on what I'm doing wrong.  There must be a way to get my plane parallel.  I've attached the file as well (its an "insert part" file from parent part so hopefully it can still be opened).