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    Poor quality of logo on PDF drawing

    Alex Hilgenberg

      Hi guys,

      I am a bit new to SolidWorks, therefore, maybe there is an easy way to solve my problem.


      Problem: I need to add a logo to the drawing I created. It worked ok, but as soon as I save the drawing as PDF the quality of the logo drops horribly. It seems like the quality of the logo inside of the PDF depends on how much area is reserved for the picture. Because if I scale the logo to smaller size, it gets even worse.

      I tried .jpg and bitmap – same result.


      As far as I know you cannot insert a vector logo – that would be the perfect solution.


      Maybe it is not a SW problem itself, but rather the conversion to PDF.


      Anyway, the logo looks ugly for the year 2016.


      Any ideas how to increase the quality of the PDF drawings?


      Thx in advance!


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          Zac Evans

          This is taken from the following thread: Company Logo in Template: Poor Image Quality

          but this is what I've used and gotten the best results with.


          "Hi Paul, below my workflow to insert a company logo in template:


          1) edit sheet format

          2) insert -> object -> microsoft word document

          3) insert ( from the word document menu) - picture - select your logo .jpeg (I tested only with jpeg)

          4) move and scale


          The template should be close to 1MB and the quality of the logo should be good enough."


          let me know if that works for you as well.

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            John Stoltzfus

            Just got done doing a new logo here and pixelation is a big issue in SW.  Don't try to save it as a pdf, it kind of works saving the file as .ai which is an adobe file, but still looks crapy


            Here is the steps I needed to do.


            1.   Draw the logo 10 times bigger than what you want it to, (the only part I don't make one to one), especially if you need to trace anything with a polyline.

            2.   Add your color and appearances

            3.   Insert the logo in a drawing scale to fit, use shaded view

            4.   Zoom out that only the logo saves

            5.   Save as a tif file, increase your dpi, as high as you can if possible, some computers go to a crawl if the dpi is too high

            6.   Open the tif file with paint and reduce the picture and save the resized one a different name, that way you still have the original


            Try different stuff.


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              Alex Hilgenberg

              Thx, for your answers.

              Well the solution was actually more obvious, than I thought to be.


              When exporting to PDF, in the options, the DPI was set to 96!!!

              1. Increased the DPI to 600, problem solved!