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Poor quality of logo on PDF drawing

Question asked by Alex Hilgenberg on Feb 18, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2020 by Guilheme Azevedo

Hi guys,

I am a bit new to SolidWorks, therefore, maybe there is an easy way to solve my problem.


Problem: I need to add a logo to the drawing I created. It worked ok, but as soon as I save the drawing as PDF the quality of the logo drops horribly. It seems like the quality of the logo inside of the PDF depends on how much area is reserved for the picture. Because if I scale the logo to smaller size, it gets even worse.

I tried .jpg and bitmap – same result.


As far as I know you cannot insert a vector logo – that would be the perfect solution.


Maybe it is not a SW problem itself, but rather the conversion to PDF.


Anyway, the logo looks ugly for the year 2016.


Any ideas how to increase the quality of the PDF drawings?


Thx in advance!