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    SW2008 SP0 will not import Inventor 11 files

    Chris Kulig
      I have been highly anticipating the release of SW2008 in order to import our entire Inventor 11 library of parts.

      I have SW2008 SP0. Anyone else crashing on every import attempt of even the simplest of ipt parts? Is there a trick for importing in a certain order of events?

      I do have Inventor 11 on my machine, did from the start, and realize that is necessary now for translation to SW2008.

      I'm left with translating using STEP files. However, the impression from SolidWorks is that Inventor v11 import is functional in SW2008. If it is, I'm not seeing it.
        • SW2008 SP0 will not import Inventor 11 files
          Steve Rauenbuehler
          I just gave it a try....

          I got an error message that gave me a "Switch to" option, so I clicked it, opened IV11, and when I switched back to SW2008, it finished the "Inventor to SolidWorks" converter, and then open the part.

          Maybe the answer is to have IV open....

          Just a guess....
          • SW2008 SP0 will not import Inventor 11 files
            Chris Kulig
            YEP! That works [**Update: But, not on all parts, see other reply below]. I got the same message, but had no idea what it was trying to switch to. Apparently, per my local support team, they found out that Inventor has to have the part open in order to import it into SolidWorks. Kinda odd, but apparently Inventor guys put that in there to make things harder for us.

            Thanks for looking into it for me yourself too! I like your method better. Pain to have to kick off Inventor, open the file, then go to SW etc... nicer to make SW kick Inventor V11 off for that part itself. [**UPDATE: That apparently doesn't always work. Crashing to desktop, don't always get a "Switch to..." option. Answer is to always open the part already in Inventor v11]

            Chris Kulig
            Tempco Electric Heater Corporation
            • SW2008 SP0 will not import Inventor 11 files
              Chris Kulig
              Doh! Take it all back. It seems to work on some parts and not others. I'll try to send the file to our nearby tech people. Intermittent errors. That's the worst. Bummer.
                • SW2008 SP0 will not import Inventor 11 files
                  Ben Froese
                  I was having the same problem, I have SW 2008 sp1.1. Our customers have Inventor 11 and I could not import ipt files. I was informed that all you need to do is install the Inventor viewer which you can download for free, don't even need to have it open, just installed and your Inventor files open fine. I do however have the problem where the ipt files are not scaled correctly but that's an SW issue.

                  Hope this helps.