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    Drawing Layers turning on by themselves

    Seth Renigar

      I have a situation with layers turning on, all by themselves, that I hope someone can help me figure out.


      Our Drawing templates are setup with multiple layers.  Most of these layers are turned off by default.  The different layers contain different "flavors" of general tolerance notes in the sheet format, for different types of Parts (i.e. molded parts, sheet metal parts, machined parts, etc.).  Our users know to turn on the appropriate tolerance note layer, depending on what type of Part they are creating.


      We upgraded from SW2013 to SW2015 a few months ago.  A user came to me with an issue, shortly there after.  He was having a problem with all of the layers turning on by themselves.  And then the drawing would accidently get printed and/or saved that way.  This would show all of the general tolerance notes superimposed on top of each other.  Obviously not a good thing.  I did some research here on the forums at the time, and found what was causing this, and what to do to correct it.  So, I made this adjustment to his machine, and he's not had any issues ever since.


      Now, I'm getting complaints with this same issue from other users as well.  However, I can't remember what I had done to the first guys settings to fix it, nor can I find it again in the forums.  If I remember correctly, it had something to do with the new Layer Printing setting.  But I could be wrong.  I need to figure out what it was that I had found to fix the first guy's machine, so that I can go through and fix everybody's seat of SolidWorks.


      Does anyone know what may be causing this and/or how to fix it?

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          Glenn Schroeder



          It's not quite the same issue, but I had a problem a few years ago where I had Layers that had been created for a specific project kept showing back up no matter how many times I deleted them for existing drawings and drawing templates (see Deleted Layers won't stay deleted).  I finally figured out that I had apparently modified and saved my sheet format when I was working on that particular project, and the additional Layers got saved along with the sheet format.  So in later drawings whenever I'd add a new sheet using that sheet format the Layers would reappear on all sheets in the drawing.  Up until that point I had always assumed that Layers were saved in the drawing template, but apparently they also have some connection with sheet formats.


          Now that I got that all put down by way of explanation, I wonder if it's possible that a sheet format was saved at some point with all Layers turned on?  If you don't get a better answer from someone else you might try re-saving all your sheet formats with these Layers turned off and see if that will fix the problem.

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              Seth Renigar



              Thank you for the suggestion.  However, that's not it.  Between a few of us here working on this issue, I think we've finally figured it out.


              SolidWorks introduced the ability to print or not print specific layers, in the Layers dialog box, either in SW2014 or SW2015 (we skipped SW2014).  Apparently, when older drawings are converted to the latest version with this new print layers setting, any layers that were turned on, sets that layer to print.  Whereas any layers that were turned off, sets that layer to NOT print (this is bad, read on).


              The problem doesn't present itself until you actually SaveAs a PDF.  In the PDF Export options, there is a setting to "Include layers set to not print".  By default, this setting is not checked.


              When this PDF Export setting is NOT checked, and you complete the SaveAs PDF, SolidWorks will turn on all layers set to NOT print (which seems completely backwards).  But remember that when the Drawing was converted, if a layer was originally turned off, it was converted to NOT print during the conversion process.  So it turns all those layers on.  If you save it afterwards, it saves it with those layers still turned on.


              When this PDF Export setting IS checked, and you complete the SaveAs PDF, SolidWorks ignores all layers set to NOT print (again, backwards).  Therefore, it doesn't turn it on.


              I personally think that during the conversion process, ALL layers should be set to print whether it was turned on or not, since we didn't have this option to begin with.  I think this is a major blunder on SW to convert in this way.


              So, the workaround is to make sure you check the "Include layers set to not print" option in the PDF Export options.  Once checked, it should stay that way.


              Also, Drawing templates that contain hidden layers should be converted, and all hidden layers manually changed to print (you will have to temporarily turn them on to do this).  When this is done, it makes no difference whether the PDF Export setting is checked or not, since there are no longer any layers set to NOT print.


              What a blunder SolidWorks!!!!!  Hopefully this is fixed in SW2016.

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              Ryan Doran

              I'm running into the same issue, but with my situation, the layers all turn on when I print the drawing as a pdf.

              Only the layers I'm using are on, to start with; and because the layers I don't need are off, they're automatically set as unavailable to print while layer is off.

              When I print the pdf, the hidden layers don't actually get printed on the pdf that gets saved out, thankfully; but I then have to go back and switch each one off, unless I consciously save the drawing beforehand, and close it after printing without saving.

              I asked my administrator, and he said it was some type of system or print setting, but it's not, as I looked through my pdf options in the print dialogue and can't find anything, but more importantly because I don't have this issue with other drawing templates that I use. Therefore, I think it has to be a template issue. Though I have no idea where to look to fix it.

              I've checked in document options, system options, in the layer formatting manager, and I can't find anything...

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                John Stoltzfus

                Layers can be finicky - Once you setup the layers exactly how you want them there are a few more step that you need to do...


                • Save the Drafting Standards



                • Save the Drawing Templates
                • Make sure you have your layers set at -Per Standard- when saving the template
                • Make sure you have your layers set at -Per Standard- when saving your document





                If it's working do yourself a big favor and save your personal settings with the Copy Settings Wizard