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Anyone running 2008 with 2007?

Question asked by Rhett Rathbone on Oct 30, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2007 by Scott Dellinger
We are currently  running SW 2007 sp 4.0 in production. Iwould like to bring 2008 online soon but would like to do somepreliminary testing before we release it from captivity for ourengineering group. However, I do not have an extra machine lyingaround that I can use, and would like to install 2008 on myproduction machine (see below) so that I can do testing, yet stillhave access to 2007 for actual production work. Has anyonesuccessfully done this? (I recognize that I will have to use a'demo' set of files as anything modified in 2008 will not be'backward' compatible back to 2007.) My current understanding isthat SW is not the most friendly when running side-by-side w/previous versions...any success/horror stories would be greatlyappreciated.