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    SW 2016 .IGS export issues?

    Jack Blake

      Hello all,

      We have CAM package here that only accepts .IGS files, not ideal i know but up till now it has never been an issue.

      Since changing to 2016 we have had endless issues with missing surfaces, broken faces, unstitched edges etc. when exporting to .IGS format.

      I've contacted the CAM software developer and have changed my .IGS export settings to their preffered type but it did not help the situation.


      in 2015 we'd occasionaly get a bad surface here or there i'd just delete it out and replace it with the same surface and it'd be happy days but recently i have noticed that every file has endless ammounts of issues and the only factor to have changed is the version of solidworks. i'm on 2016 SP2.0 and was wondering if anyone else has similar issues or maybe they also have had .IGS issues recently but didn't relate it to the software ?


      I have also had times where a file shows no check errors and within solidworks is fine but when i try to save as an .IGS it completely crashes solidworks.