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Flow simulation - Adding control plane to initial mesh

Question asked by Steve Calkins on Feb 17, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2016 by Jet Lim



I'm working on a flow sim for a reasonable large assembly with some small features.  While setting up the initial mesh, I added control planes at these small features to get good resolution around them.  It worked well except for one issue.  The mesh has more resolution on one side of the feature than the other.  There are 9 of these small features (webs in a narrow channel), and at each of these, the mesh has more resolution to one side of the feature than to the other.  Same side at all instances, too.


Mesh asymmetry.JPG



I added the control planes by selecting the end of the web features.  Do I need to adjust the control interval ratios or numbers of cells to get some symmetry here?  It seems like the mesh is nice everywhere except at these locations.


Anyone have any ideas?