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2016 eDrawings Viewer Issues

Question asked by Sarah Caoile on Feb 17, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2016 by Chinloo Lama

I only use the eDrawing viewer to print drawings.  I use the 2014 version as much as possible, but we have been creating drawings in 2016, so that isn't an option for our new drawings.  In my opinion, the 2016 version of the viewer is not user friendly at all.  These are the main issues I have:


1.  You have to use the File menu to open or print a drawing instead of having a toolbar with all of your options.

2.  The print settings are not saved and have to be reset every time you are printing multiple drawings.

3.   It isn't easy trying to find the sheet you need.  Instead of tabs that quickly let you change and view the sheet you are looking for, you have to go to the sheet tab to get a list of the all sheets and double-click on it to see if it the sheet you want. And then when it isn't the right sheet, you have to do it all over again until you find what you need.


4.  When I minimize the program on the desktop and then minimize or close a different window, eDrawings opens itself up over and over again until I close it. 


Is there any way to fix these issues?  Am I missing something?  Please help!  TIA!