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Script (for EPDM) to Open, Wait Rebuild, Save, Close, Move

Question asked by Olivier 42 Name on Feb 17, 2016



I try to search by myself with the macro that already exist, but it s too complicated to me.

So i request your help.


Here is the environment :

     EPDM 2014

     SW 2014 SP4.0


Our need, is to automated some actions that we do manually.

We want to use the EPDM transition to execute that macro/script.


As possible, we select the main Assembly, and EPDM show us the list of linked files (Drawing, sub-assembly, part, their drawing).


Questions :

I don't know if the EPDM order list of file to do, will be send to the macro or not ???

To do the correct order (first part and their drawing, then upper assembly and drawing, then upper... until the top header assembly and his drawing)


Or maybe EPDM apply the script/macro to every files, for each file the script/macro is run ???


So i suppose that files who are already "valided" doesn't appear in the list of file to do ?


Action Wanted by the Script : it can be split in two part (part one apply to DRW only, part two to every file)

If file is a DRW

     Open file

     Wait for view rebuilt, rebuilt (to be sure that the $prpsheet is ok), wait a little tempo.

     Save file


End If

(now for all the file)

If file proterty "Type" = "BIB"

     Move file to "This directory 1"

If file name begin by "ABC"

     Move file to "This directory 2"

If file name begin by "DEF"

     Move file to "This directory 3"