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Top down design assembly dimension references

Question asked by Alex Rad on Feb 17, 2016

Hello everyone,


   I am new in SW and even more so in top down design.

   I have a top down assembly that is driven by some reference sketches ( dimensions, positioning, etc.). The problem is that when I create a new part and I want it to be driven by equations referencing the assembly sketches, I cannot do that by opening the dimension editor, "=" and selecting a dimension of the assembly sketch because the dimensions of the assembly sketch are NOT SHOWING. The only way I managed to do that is to go back to the assembly sketch, write down on paper every dimension name, go back and manually write the reference dimensions ("=D1@Reference_sketch@assembly_name.Assembly"), which is A LOT of work.


   Is there a way to this more directly? As in referencing the assembly sketch dimension I want by directly clicking on it?


P.S. I know this topic has been discused but I cannot access the assembly sketch dimensions while I'm editing a part. I tried Annotations -> show feature dimensions/reference dimensions.