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Assemblies getting confused and replacing parts/subassemblies with ones with similiar internal part ID numbers post PACK&GO

Question asked by Brian Cornnell on Feb 17, 2016

First, a little bit about how our library items are set up. We build assemblies from a kit of parts/subassemblies and then pack & go those assemblies to instance them on jobs. We're running 2014 SP 5.0 but this problem has persisted thru a few releases, just seems like its constantly getting worse. When we pack and go our assemblies we should be getting independent unique files that can be opened & changed without any relation to the originals. That part is working fine. The problem occurs when we have moved several assemblies into a close location (ie a folder away in a typical windows tree) and these top level assemblies will start replacing suassemblies with ones that started from the same subassembly. We can quick fix by using replace component on the subassembly and getting it pathed back to the correct subassembly but we have to notice that it has happened. Also this will be fixed saved closed and on reopen it will recreate the problem. Looks like a bug but has anyone else seen this/ found a solution. Please help!


Brian Cornnell

Atlanta Custom Fabricators

SW 2014 SP5.0