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SW2016 causing rebuild error upon reopening of .IFC file saved as SW assembly file (??)

Question asked by Dave Krum on Feb 17, 2016

Good afternoon All,

I upgraded to SW2016 about a month ago and it ran fine for 2 weeks up until the time when I tried to open .IFC files (which were assemblies) that were emailed to me from my detailer using Tekla.  I've been using the .IFC file format from this detailer for over a year with SW2015 and NEVER had a glitch.  Long story short, I would open the file and save the model into the SW assembly format.  This all appears to work as usual.  The problem arises when I go back to open the saved SW assembly file.  During the opening process, a dialog box will pop up and prompt to rebuild.  Whether I choose yes or no, the parts to the assembly will be scattered all over the screen.  Since this is a file converted to the SW format from another software package, there are no mates to my knowledge. All parts are considered one part "glued" together I guess once saved? I would like to send a few screenshots showing what's going on but can't due to customer design copyrights.  Wondering if anybody else has experienced this issue?  Due to this and my need to have a working computer for these files, I was forced into a mess of doing a complete uninstall of 2016 and registry clean then reinstall of SW2015 again.  All is well now but I did install SW2016 on another "guinea pig" computer in the room and it is experiencing the same issues.  For the 2 weeks of parts that were modeled, I need to use that PC to open and edit if needed.  Back on my machine I cannot do anything of course but view the "future version" file.  Thanks.