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Attaching a Note to a Named Reference 

Question asked by Patrick Oberstar on Feb 17, 2016

Okay I'm Stumped on this one I cant seem to figure out how to get the Leader for the note to attach to the Selected Axis in the part in the drawing view.

Now here is what I can do....

#1 I can select the Axis in part the from the Assembly model but the note will not attach to it.

#2 I can set a note using X,Y coordinates no problem.

What I believe i need to do.

#1 I need to get the X,Y coordinates for the Axis while it is selected and use them to place the leader for the note, then I can set the offset for the note from them.


Does anyone have some insight or code that I can use after I select the axis in the drawing view to pull the Coordinates into Variables, that I can use to set my notes. This is for a large VB.Net stand alone project I call eating the elephant and we are getting to the last few bites.


Thank, for any help.