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What is the maximum RAM that SW can manage?

Question asked by Elio Pineda on Feb 17, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2016 by Elio Pineda

Hi everyone.

Our product is a heavy duty machinery and we work with assemblies of more than 20.000 bodies in Sw-2011 SP 5.0.

Normally we work in a partial small assemblies, but sometimes we need to open the whole machine for doing translations to cad files or main 2D arrangements.

In past, we work with HP Z400 Workstations with 12 Gb of RAM and Win 7, but almost all of our assemblies needs more than 12 Gb to open completely and often we have finished our work on Autocad 2D.

But now we just increase our hardware power purchasing a Lenovo Thinkstation P700 with 32 Gb of RAM  Win 10 in order to have the possibility to open completely the whole machine in SW.

Unfortunately computer stuck always around 20Gb of RAM memory usage… No matter what I do: open first partial assemblies, open directly big assembly… Always stuck at same RAM value…

We have changed virtual memory to a double of RAM, worked without virtual memory, increased de GDI objects quota to a maximum… nothing changes…

We test RAM with a RAM test program and in theory, system can manage all of the memory.

Our local reseller has no answer…

Is there any RAM limitation on Sw-2011?

Here are some other brave that manages assemblies of more than 20 GB of RAM on Sw? We are the only ones?