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Some materials can't be copied

Question asked by Andreas Olofsson on Feb 17, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2016 by Nicolas Michel-Imbert

So I'm having this problem:

Some (not all) materials cannot be copied, the option is just grayed out. This creates a HUGE problem since I've got all these parts that was imported from SW, and even though I ticked "retain structure" Viz has seperated each face of a body, so that if I'll have to rely on dragging and dropping the material it will only get applied to the face it was dropped onto. Imagine doing this to a body made up of over 200 faces.

I NEED to be able to copy a material, assign it to the body that I select from the Object tree.

I guess I could merge all the faces of a body to make it easier to drag and drop. At least as a short-term solution. But still, not being able to copy any material is inexcusable.


Also, when I delete a material it does not disappear from the Appearance tree. I'll have to save the project, close it, open it in order for them to go away.