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Only allow run task on approved versions

Question asked by Paul Smith on Feb 17, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2016 by Paul Smith



I'm setting up a new Convert task. Is there a way to prevent the task from running if an attempt is made to run it on a version that is not approved.


The intent is for people to get an "Approved" version of the file before they run the task, where approved is a specific state in our workflow. I would like there to be a fail-safe such that if somebody does not "Get Version" to a version where the file was approved before they run the task, that the task will not run.


If there is somewhere in the Convert task properties that could do this, that would be great.

If not, is there a chance it's a few simple lines in the script? Such as, if the source file status is not equal to "Approved" then terminate. (I have very limited coding experience)