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Edge weld symbol missing from drop down choices 2015

Question asked by James Kashuba on Feb 16, 2016

Does anyone know how to incorporate the "edge" weld symbol into the Weld Symbol drop down in the ANSI Weld Symbol dialog box? I have searched this topic and found a solution from back in 2011, but when I try to apply the solution it does not work.


This is what the symbol looks like:

This is the line code used in one of the solutions that unfortunately does not work for me. I even tried to modify it with no luck.


A,LINE 0.,0.,0.,1.52

A,LINE .74,0.,.74,1.52

A,LINE 1.48,0.,1.48,1.52

A,LINE 0.,1.52,1.48,1.52


Any suggestions?