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GTX980M & SolidWorks vs M3000M

Question asked by Aaron Faust on Feb 16, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2016 by Aaron Faust

Does anyone have any experience using a nVidia GTX 980m with SolidWorks? I understand it is not a certified SW card. I am a light SolidWorks user, and I won't be  making super complex designs with multiple part's designing adaptive devices!. SW will only take up 20%-30% of my usage on the new MSI laptop I buy.

On the other side I have looked at the M3000M, and M4000M cads, because their gaming benchmarks are pretty equal to the GTX 980M. I know both of those cards are pretty much overkill for the SW work I will be doing! I am looking at either MSI's new GT72S Tobii, because of the benefits I will get from it's eye tracking tech since I am disabled. The other MSI model I am considering is a WT72 with either the m3000m, or m4000m. Obviously neither of hese laptops are cheap in any way! Does anybody have any experience with gaming using a MSI WT72? Also, if I go with a WT72 laptop is there a big drop off going with an Intel Skylark processor vs a Xeon processor? I know there are a few different question's in this post. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!