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Showing thumbnails in SW file/model search results

Question asked by Jacob Ames on Feb 16, 2016

Hi everyone,



I hope this hasn't been answered elsewhere - I did plenty of searching with no luck. When I search for files and models within the SolidWorks UI, I'm only able to see the default part/assembly icons rather than the thumbnails of the models. The interesting part is, I can see the correct thumbnails up until I press the enter key to confirm my search, at which point they turn into the default icons.




I've followed through with a few other solutions that worked for others (albeit they were having Windows Explorer related issues) with no luck, including the re-registration of sldwinshellextu.dll.


Any help would be appreciated as always, and I'm happy to provide more details if needed. Currently using SWX2016 Premium on Windows 7 Professional SP1.