Matthieu Roy

Error 1335 with fixed with SP0.1

Discussion created by Matthieu Roy on Oct 30, 2007
The problem:
I had a problem in the installation of SolidWorks 2008 SP0.0 fromthe DVD. It's the French version. It was saying an "Erreur1335" related with the "" that could becorrupted. I tried everything possible suggested on other websites(trying with another DVD media (we have 3 licenses), testing RAM,install from files on HardDrive, etc...). I checked closely on thefile "" and it really seems corrupted fromcompilation.

The solution:
The only thing I did that fixed the problem is using the option"download files only" with the new version SP0.1 detectedby the installer. Then, after downloading the 3 Gb of data, I onlyinstalled this version and it worked. So, the"" is OK in the version. If you have thisproblem, just don't install the original DVD version (uninstall2008 SP0.0 if it's already installed), but only the SP0.1 andearlier and it should works.