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    Search in a Folder and Subfolders for parts and assemblys

    Joe Pickens

      I am trying to wright a macro that will search in a given directory to find the specified part or assembly and add them into an assembly if they exist.


      I am having an issues in searching the suborders and cant figure out what to do. I can return if the file exists in the folder but it dosent seem to work for files in sub folders


      Here is what i am using


      Dim row             As Integer

      Dim Str             As String

      Dim Count           As Integer

      Dim SWPrtLC         As String

      Dim SFolder         As String

      Dim SearchSte       As String

      Dim FNameL          As Integer

      Dim SName           As String

      Dim SFile           As String


      Sub main()


      SFolder = "C:\Temp\"

      SName = Dir(SFolder)


      Do Until SName = ""

      FNameL = Len(SName)

      SFile = Mid(SName, 1, FNameL - 7)


          If SName = "." Or SName = ".." Then



              If Right(SName, 6) = "sldprt" Or Right(SName, 6) = "sldasm" Or Right(SName, 6) = "SLDPRT" Or Right(SName, 6) = "SLDASM" Then


                  If SFile = "168131000" Then


                  On Error Resume Next

                  MsgBox (SName)


                  End If


              End If


          End If


      SName = Dir



      End Sub