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    Dispatch Copy, Rename and Checkin Files-Second File Fails

    Jason Owens

      Currently I have a Dispatch that works all the way up to a second file. Big picture, I want to copy files out of a folder, create a new folder inside a ECO folder in a different path, then past the renamed files into the newly created folder and lastly check them all in. I want to check in the files so that a new transition is kicked off.  Pretty simple I was thinking, but when the second file goes to be checked in, it fails. What makes this even more confusing is when I test run in the real environment, it cannot even create the folder. (Same directory structure)

      Any help would be appreciated.


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          Charley Saint

          Put in an OK message box before the check-in with the full path you have in that check-in dialog, that should tell you if it's not seeing something correctly.

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              Jason Owens

              The OK message box unfortunately does not give me enough info to help. It actually displays the information without any issues, but then fails on the checkin saying File not found.  Should I possibly block out the check out, copy and rename script, then have a second block run the Get File and check in portion of the script?

              On another note, I discovered the reason the script does not work at all in another vault is due to the ECO folder name.  The ECO folder names have the "ECO# - Description" in my live vault, where as in my test vault it is just the ECO#.  I am not sure how to have the script check for the actual folder ECO# to put the files into rather than the actual Folder name. Any references that might help that?  Otherwise I will have to rename all of my ECO folders to be just the number.


              Like many say on here, there certainly is not a lot of helpful material on here. There are pieces here and there and if you have plenty of time you can dissect, but what a shame we do not have more .acn examples that are not just checking a file in and out or renaming.


              Thank you