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EDRWX files not compatible with all XPS document viewer

Question asked by Maxime Veilleux on Feb 15, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2016 by Maxime Veilleux

Issue description :
-Customer save drawing to EDRWX file format from SolidWork software..
-When customer open the file with XPS document viewer, everything work fine.
-The customer then send the file to me. When I open the file XPS document viewer, I then get an error message telling this file can't be open. I also have the same error message if I try to open it with Solidworks.

- However, if he print an XPS document from Microsoft world, I'm able to open the generated file. So it seem the issue is only within Solidworks.


More detail about the issue :

If I do the save as to "EDRWX" from solidwork using the same solidwork drawing file then we are both able to open the resulted file with XPS document viewer.
My computer spec :
-Solidworks 2015
-edrawing 2015



The customer's computer spec :
-Window 8.1
-Solidworks 2014 and 2015 (both installed)
-edrawing 2016


The customer uninstalled edrawing 2016 and installed 2015 version instead, but that didn't change anything.


Why are EDRWX files saved from the customer's computer not compatible?

Attached is a file generated by the customer's computer.