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    PDM Files

    Diego Rueda

      How many files can i have at first level in PDM? now i have some folders with 2000 files at first level, the perfomance to load all files is very poor, any recomendation for solve it? all days i rebuild the database and clean the archive server of deleted files and use GZ filter. Thanks

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          Andrew Law


               The PDM interface runs on the Windows Explorer process which has a limit of about 4 billion files per folder inside NTFS. Performance and stability really tank above 1000 items in a single folder. There are a lot of options when it comes to tuning for NTFS, but I would not recommend going down that road if not absolutely necessary.


          To keep this short:

          1. If possible stay under 250 items per folder.

          2. Do NOT go over 255 characters in a file name, which includes the path!!!

          3. Sub-Directories are not expensive when it comes to performance.


          Best of luck!