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    Custom Templates for SW MBD

    John Watkins

      Has anyone been able to create a full custom template to use with MBD?  The default template doesn't cover enough information for our drawing in a orderly manner.


      I created the new jpg file needed to get rid of their default boxes and give me the spots I need to replicate my drawing templates into the 3D PDF file (3D PDF Template Layout).  I set up the template editor to show the viewports how I wanted to see them for a test (3D Template Editor).  I get a file that looks partial right (3D Template Test).  Not sure why all my nice thin lines, are getting shawdowed with red and thickened up.

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          Casey Gorman

          Here is a custom template I created. We didn't want it to look like a standard drawing. It does carry the most of the same information though.


          I think some of the line shadowing has to due the box outline being close to the same size as the view port. You could try not having a box outline where the view ports go. This might get rid of the red lines.