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    Thermal Effects not able to be imported to static study

    Stephen Carson

      I've got a vacuum chamber that is used to cool a graphite body (initially at 450°C).

      A transient thermal study was completed on this assembly, results look good.


      I know want to take the results from the thermal and apply them in a static study to determine how much distortion I have in the contact surfaces due to the heat.


      I can apply the thermal effects either thru the "External Loads" or thru the properties of the study (flow/thermal effects tab).


      When I go to run the study I get a warning box that pops up and says "Thermal load study <study name> does not exist or its results are not available, do you want to continue?"


      The study name is:

      [Thermal 3

      (only a left bracket)


      I can go to "[Thermal 3" and view the results, but it has a caution flag on it.


      This thermal study takes about 37 hours to complete...do I need to do it again?


      There is really only one parts worth of thermal load I want to import, if that is possible.




      Steve C