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A possible way of handling MBD opposition

Question asked by Casey Gorman on Feb 12, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2016 by Casey Gorman

Below is an email that I sent out that has comments added. It might be an approach to introducing the change to Model Based Definition (MBD) in your company a little at a time.


This is great. Thank you, Casey.

My thoughts are listed below. Would it be possible to bring this
discussion to the SW MBD forum?


Due to the opposition to MBD I have here, I have thought
about taking an approach the walks people into the use of MBD without call it
MBD. Once these practices are accepted it will just be announcing we are there.
What do you think? Is this a viable approach?

[Oboe] Good idea. We are doing MBD not for the sake of terms and
it’s wise to comfort resistance in any way we can. Do you know why this MBD
term got oppositions?


  1. Approach to Challenges
    1. Buy in

[Oboe] Management buy-in is always vital. Value analysis would
be a great support. Two key aspects: presentation and representation.
Presentation wise, it’s much less ambiguous leading to fewer miscommunications,
scrap and rework; Representation wise, the digital and intelligent 3D PMI
drives downstream mfg applications automatically such as CAM and CMM as you saw
at SOLIDOWRKS World. NC programing time can be cut from hours to minutes. These
two aspects apply to both internal and external procedures.

  • Hold a general meeting/bitch session, not just
    on MBD but all things documentation (EPDM, templates, part files, etc.); what
    works? What doesn’t?

[Oboe] I’d love to learn these issues beyond MBD too. 

  • Act upon or answer issues brought up in bitch
  • Hold MBD meetings
    1. Maybe more like training
    2. Present concepts without calling it MBD
      1. Creating STEP files
      2. Providing STEP files with PDFs (2D and 3D)
        (attaching files in Adobe Reader XI)
      3. Validating STEP files against the CAD file
        (model is Master)
      4. Reduce Dimension Drawings/Critical Dimension

[Oboe] Good point. Drawings are not completely gone at least at
this stage, but reduced dimension drawings can facilitate transition and shift
orientation onto 3D further. There was a bad MBD practice of delaying drawing
creation from engineering to manufacturing. The lesson learned here is not to
throw models over the wall. Engineering needs to take responsibilities in clear
and sufficient communication, which shouldn’t change in drawing processes or

  1. Introduce SOLIDWORKS DimXpert

[Oboe] SW training classes, in-product tutorials, MySW learning
modules, SW blogs, CSWP-MBD exam are some good resources.

  1. GD&T as part of RDD/CDD

[Oboe] What is RDD/CDD? Requirement (concept) definition
document? What does this point mean?

  1. Introduce SOLIDWORKS MBD add-in
    • Capturing 3D views

[Oboe] Organizing 3D PMI is key. Engineering need to present MBD
in a presentable, consumable and actionable fashion. Otherwise messy rat nests
would invite unpleasant and unnecessary resistance.

  • Recapturing Captured views (name change,
    dimension changes, etc.)
  • Publishing to 3D PDF