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Adding unique named virtual part QTY values and display as one line in BOM

Question asked by Julian Dowden on Feb 11, 2016

I have an assembly with virtual parts named: Tube1, Tube2, Tube3.  I want them to display in the assembly / drawing BOM as one item with QTY (length) vales added and displayed as one QTY value on one line item.


So far I have formed a new virtual sub-assembly named "Tubes" within the main assembly that contains virtual parts "Tube1", "Tube2", "Tube3".  I have edited each Tube's custom properties and added a PRP of QTY = 1, 2, 3.  (i.e. 3 tubes with a total of 6 inches).  My thought is that in the virtual sub-assembly "Tubes" I need to make a PRP of QTY="PRP:QTY@Tube1"+"PRP:QTY@Tube2"+"PRP:QTY@Tube3" resulting in 6.  In the sub-assembly "Tubes" drop down BOM Quatity: within Custom Prop window I select QTY.  The assembly drawing BOM should show one line item named "Tubes" with a QTY of 6 and UOM of INCHES.


Can this be done?   Can anyone help me with the syntax?



Thanks y'all from Austin, TX!