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Convert Task - Replace existing file with file name change

Question asked by Paul Smith on Feb 11, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2016 by Lee CS Young



We've recently added a task to our workflow to convert models to parasolids upon approval. When this is performed we'd like to add the revision of the model to the end of the file name i.e. <Source File Name>_Rev<Source File Rev>.x_b


When the model is revised and approved the revision increments, so if the first file name was <Source File Name>_RevA.x_b, the second is <Source File Name>_RevB.x_b


The problem we have is that we want the new file to replace the old one, but because the file name is changing the "Replace existing files" option in the Convert task doesn't work.


Is there a way to get the new file to overwrite the old, or even a way to automatically delete the old when the new is created?


I would have thought this kind of functionality would be included in EPDM, but my search so far has led me to believe it will be a somewhat complex work around.


EDIT: I know it would be easier to just not include the revision in the file name, but at this stage, that is not an option.