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dynamic connector symbols

Question asked by perry leets on Feb 11, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2016 by perry leets

I like the dynamic connector tool. It has a few shortcomings, like being unable to show plug/receptacle versions or not showing a break at the top or bottom of the connector when it is a partial connector, but there are ways to work around that.

I know there are a few configurations you can use with the dynamic connector like connector with pin info, connector without pin info and one symbol per pin.

There are times I would like to use the "one symbol per pin" configuration because it will allow me to arbitrarily space the pins to accommodate other things. The problem with the one symbol per pin configuration though is that the pins do not show they signal type (mnemonic) I assigned to the associated part and I spent a lot of time doing that. The other configurations will show that information.

Is there some way to get the one symbol per pin configuration to show the mnemonic?

Also, when I insert a one symbol per pin connector, the "aux female pin" looks like it has two connection points, but the same symbol in a different connector shows only one.

why is that?

one other thing (gripe) when changing the orientation of the connector during insertion, say for a right hand side and a left hand side, it rearranges the pin order from A-Z to Z-A, highly annoying. I end up inserting them all as right hand sides then mirroring some of them, then have to move the attributes on the mirrors.Untitled.png