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    How to deform a temporary body.

    Johannes Kronberger

      Hi there all,


      I'm looking to implement a bending operation on a temporary body within a macro feature but there are no deformation operations in the IModeler interface. We want wrap a ribbon with non constant thickness and cross section around a cylinder. This can be done in the FLEX feature but is there a way to do this with IModeler?


      I don't have any code yet. Just searching for ideas.

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          Artem Taturevych



          I might be wrong but flex feature might not be the one directly available in the Parasolid kernel. IModeler interface looks to me like a wrapper around the basic Parasolid features. So I think it is required to reimplement the logic to create a flexible body. You might need to use curve/points projections to the surface and reconstruction the body from BREP data after you found all the transformed parameters.