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Copy and Moving Tool Box Parts (adding serial numbers)

Question asked by Stewart Partridge on Feb 11, 2016

We have a process like this:


Designs are designed in a “Design Folder” – once complete we use copy/move tree to move them to the “Projects” folder; part numbers are not assigned until we move the designs to the projects folder because designers wanted the freedom to name files as they see fit and also not waste part numbers while designing. The way I handle the Part Number is that I have a separate Data Card in the design folder that does not have the “Part Number” property, the Data Card in the projects folder does have the property so when we copy tree to the projects folder we are able to assign it at that time by having “Regenerate serial numbers in cards” checked in the copy tree dialog, also in the copy tree dialog you click rename with serial numbers and this assigns all the numbers to the items that you are moving or copying. The issue we were having is that PDM will not assign a serial number to a toolbox part (even after a “save as”) so I have to run that “sldsetdocprop.exe” to remove the flag although you have to have all the assemblies and items checked out before you run it (even though it takes the flag off even if read only, it doesn’t actual change the icon unless it is checked out).


So we think this is the solution but open to other suggestions, thanks!