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Dimensioning in drawings, why is it such a pain?

Question asked by Ben Richardson on Feb 10, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2016 by Glenn Schroeder

Ive put up with the difficulty of this common task for a few years now. Whenever it comes time to create drawings of models or assemblies I am reminded of this annoying "bug".


For some reason when you are selecting lines to dimension its as if you are clicking into empty space on the drawing, I could have my mouse pointer DIRECTLY on top of the line and it will not select it for dimensioning. After a few clicks it finally selects the line, but when you are dimensioning between 2 lines and this happens, well you have to delete the dimension and start again, very tedious and annoying.


Is there a way to have a line highlight on mouse over once solidworks decides its selectable? Sometimes you can only select a line when your mouse pointer is NOT directly over the line, WTF? If I want to select a midpoint for dimensioning I have to draw in a sketch point even though when I dont have dimensioning active I can mouse over and see the midpoint.


I have probably wasted 10's of hours over the years because of this bug alone. Im using 2013 if that makes any difference.