Sarah Dwight

Backup/Recover Settings - Remove older files

Discussion created by Sarah Dwight on Feb 11, 2016

So I got to work this morning and realized I made a critical error yesterday overwriting an old file.

'Not to worry' I told myself 'you set up your backup files after you did the same things last week. You learn from your mistakes.'

Or so I thought...


So I go to my backup folder and look for the Backup of GHPA1130 and... it wasn't there?

but why? I worked on it yesterday. I know it saved a backup copy because I was in the SOLIDOWORKS BACKUP folder making sure it was working! And it was!

Actually there are a bunch of files missing from the backup folder... what did I do wrong?

So I recover the folder from this morning 3AM and voila there are all my missing files! And notice they are all from 2011... oh.


I left the Remove backups older than 30 days option checked.

I had assumed SW was talking about the creation date of the backup copy and figured 30 days was enough time for me to realize I made a mistake and restore the old files without overburdening my storage... but whoa was I wrong.

SW works off the old file's last modified date and removed all of the files older than 30 days when I restarted SW this morning. So all my 2011 files and even 2015 files went bye-bye.

I hadn't thought of that. Makes sense but... man now what do I do?

So now I have unchecked the remove backups option and I will just have to purge the backups once in a while...

(yes I can spell, but SOLIDOCCASIONALLYWORKS BACKUP was too long a name)