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solidworks error

Question asked by JP Rose on Feb 10, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2016 by Jason Edelman

I have 2012 solidworks and recently upgraded to 2016. The problem I have is when opening an assembly in 2016 I get mate errors, the yellow triangle one. I havent saved and open it in 2012 and it opens without those errors. Note: I do have a revision version and approved version of the assembly that is under admin and cannot be changed without loging in as admin. The one im using is in revison where I can change accordingly but the parts it refrences from are in approved too. Is the conflict with parts in approved that are not updated to 2016? I noticed if i delete a few mates randomly all errors are gone but randomly re appear if I add new mates. Also im having a problem with annotate, I add a text and size it to font size 8 then balloon it 2 characters and the text remains at the lower part of the balloon, how can I center the text. Note I dont want to balloon it while in the text I want to confirm text click on it without highlighting text and balloon around it as a whole. Any feed back would help alot thanks.