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.EPS Files in InDesign

Question asked by Tayler McKnight on Feb 10, 2016

Hello –

My colleague and I are working towards creating the best possible results with using SolidWorks Composer and Adobe InDesign. Currently our process is to use the Technical Illustration Workshop to “Save As” a View as an .EPS file – being that we want our images to be vectorized and the .EPS file type is most compatible with InDesign.



Improvements in this process we would like to see:

  • Is there a way to change the font of our .EPS files?

               The font displayed in Composer is not the font that appears on the image in InDesign.

  • Is there a way to automate the BOM settings so that the text doesn’t run into the next cell?

               This also happens once the image is saved as an .EPS file.


Please let us know if there are ways to fix these issues, OR if there are some easy alternatives that we could test.