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Visualize - questions and user experiences so far

Question asked by Barry Shapiro on Feb 10, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2016 by Nicolas Michel-Imbert

I downloaded Visualize Standard a few days ago. So far not impressed with image quality. Non of the HDR images i used in Photoview look good in Visualize no matter what I do. I adjusted both the brightness and gamma, rotation to no avail. I'm finding that even after 1000 render passes there are still artifacts in the images. Note that my HDRs were all created in HDR light studio or purchased from MODO. Even my larger HDRs that are 5000 pixels in their longer dimension produce the same poor results. 


Few things to note are that I currently use Photoview to produce images that are used on our cartons, presentations and other promotional materials.

Just want to note that I used Visualize pro at SW world last week. I don't think there were any features in Pro that would make any difference in image quality.

And I am using the new recommended nVidia driver so that should not be an issue.

I have tried rendering at sizes up to 6000 pixels in the larger dimension and see no improvement.


I can't show the project I was working with but rendered the Camaro to test also.

I noticed the same artifacts in the Camaro. Look on the top of the hood in the shadow near the drivers side. It's in other places too but easy to see there.


Is anyone else seeing any issues with image quality?


I would like to what the plans are for the future of the product and where Photoview fit in to future plans. Is Photoview going away?

We are in need to update several computers and are facing a big divide as to which way to go with rendering software. CPU VS GPU. There are huge differences is cost configuring for GPU.  I you build for GPU, we could put together a system with 2 nVidia M400s and a 6 core Xeon at 3.5 GHz for around $3000. A comparable CPU based system with dual processor Xeon's 3.4 GHz with a K2200 would cost about $6500. It would definately help to know what Solidworks plans were for their rendering apps.


Also, one last thing. The materials in the appearance pane look dull and hard to see. Not exactly like the quality of the previews in MODO.


Please respond with your experiences so far. Most notably what your seeing in image quality.