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mating connectors

Question asked by perry leets on Feb 10, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2016 by Phillip Johnston

when you insert a connector into your schematic, either with the dynamic connector tool, or other defined symbols, it brings in just one side of the connector, either male or female depending on the associated part.

This is appropriate in many cases, like if the mating side of the connector is going to be shown on a different sheet, or if one side of the connector could actually mate to more than one other side to allow different system configurations as shown below.


This is simple enough to set up and populates the BOM correctly with one plug side connector and two associated jack sides.

Often though, I need to show a male/female pair in a connected state, like so.


in this case, how does one bring in a symbol which looks like the two mated halves but with distinct part associations and pins/sockets for each side?

Or, do I always have to bring in two separate symbols (with associated parts) and butt them up close together so they are almost connected?

speaking of the dynamic connector tool, it would be nice if it were a little more flexible. It will only draw what appears to be the plug side of a connector. It should have an option to draw the other side as well. Also, it will not draw a "break" symbol on the bottom of the connector when it is a partial depiction.

You have to work around these by fudging "wipeout" symbols on top of them.